Saturday, May 30, 2015

Graduation and Girl's Weekend

Well, Ammon finally graduated from high school earning high honors! It was a scramble to get him all put together, find the gown and cords, but we got it done and he is a proud graduate.

 The graduation ceremony took place outside on the football field. We have had rain every day in the month of May but we were all hoping and praying it wouldn't rain. We could see a small cell of rain working its way towards us and we hoped it wouldn't come. It just clipped us as the graduates started their walk around the track field. Ammon went straight to where he was sitting rather than around the track and he had an umbrella so he didn't get wet. The rain only lasted a few minutes, but we got a little wet from all the rain dripping off our neighbors' umbrellas. It quickly became sunny and ended up being a beautiful day.
 Sarah and rain drops.
 David flew in and surprised Ammon. I took David down to the school with me the day before graduation and had him go in and tap Ammon on the shoulder. Ammon had no idea David was coming. He about jumped out of his skin and was sooooo happy! And later that evening, Lindsey and Gillian showed up and surprised me because I didn't know Lindsey was coming. It was awesome even though it was 11:00 p.m.  (I don't think Gillian had has much sleep in the past week.) Lindsey came out for the graduation and for a "girl's weekend" to celebrate my birthday. The rest of the girls kept it really quiet.
 Cute little McKay wasn't thrilled with graduation.
 Ammon coming off the stand after receiving his diploma. Principal Bart Peery is looking and him and watching him leave. Ammon and Mr. Peery are good friends. We will miss him.
 Devin Minson on the left - Garrett on the right. Both boys were on the student council and good friends to Ammon. Devin and Ammon grew up together. Devin will be leaving on a mission to Finland in September.

 So the gang came.....and Ammon was thrilled to see all of them. We certainly appreciated the support!
Friday afternoon the girls all took off for Park City. Lindsey has a friend whose parents own a condo in Park City and let us use the room. The view (below) was pretty cool - from the room's window.

 Gillian, Lindsey and Kaitlin loving the sun and the woodsy smell. It was gorgeous up there.
 Sexy girls goofing off before Chelsey and Jen got up there.
 All the girls together one last time before Gillian moved. Gillian stayed until about 8:30 Friday evening and then we had to say our sad goodbyes. They have to be in Henderson by 6:00 tonight when their new ward will greet them and help them unload. It was so sad to say goodbye to one more child. We all wish them well in their new ward, new state, and with new adventures!
I had a great time relaxing and just hanging out. We are already planning another one next year with ALL the girls in Las Vegas! So be prepared. Thank you to all these fabulous ladies for treating me to a great weekend! I love you all - and we definitely missed those who couldn't be there.

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