Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Awesome Week for the Clarks

It's been a busy but wonderful week for the Clark family in general. Every Sunday in Relief Society they ask if anyone has good news. Well, the past 10 days have been full of great news. First, we received Brenden's graduation announcement! We're excited for him. Next, Ammon was able to tour the Payson Temple last week with some good neighbors so we didn't have to pull him out of school today. When he got home we said, "Well? How was it?" He said one word that pretty much sums it up:  "Exquisite!" Today Jim and I were able to volunteer as temple ushers for the temple open house for four hours.  We started as ushers for the chapel area and we ended up for the last hour ushering in the exquisite Celestial room. What a special experience that was for me and for Jim!

 Last Friday night Ammon went on his last high school dance, MORP.  The girl, Terese McCabe is a sophomore. She has her license but hasn't had it long enough to drive a group of friends so her father was their driver. I mention this because I was really touched by something he did. When they arrived, I asked them where they would be going because they could either take Ammon in his manual wheelchair if there were lots of stairs or his power chair if there were no stairs. The man said, "Oh, I have made ramp for him. It's not ADA approved, of course, but it should work." I was truly touched by his thoughtfulness. None of us have done that. He had made a wooden platform he could fit into our van and Ammon could get into both houses where they went to eat and play games after the dance. Ammon had a great time - so great, in fact, that he didn't want to come home until midnight! That morning we got him up a 6:00 a.m. to go to the state choir festival competition (where they did a great job). It was a very long day for all of us!

Of course, more great news kept coming,. Hannah Minerva Clark was born a few days before and all is well with mom and baby! Adam said Amy was phenomenal throughout the labor and delivery. They are very happy to have this tiny little girl join their family.

And then......Caleb got engaged which will officially make Jason old!  We are really happy for Caleb and their family. Congratulations to Caleb and welcome Megan.

Lance finished school with his master's degree and will soon move to Atlanta, Georgia. Congratulations to him for finishing so well - and congratulations to Nancy for making it through and supporting Lance so well. We are excited for all the future has to offer their family.

Kevin graduated from UVU with a degree in construction management. We are proud of his hard work as well. School is just plain tough and the wives need to be congratulated, too, for their support. He was offered a job in Henderson, Nevada. While I am very sad to have one more family leave the area, we are proud of all they have accomplished and excited for the new adventures they will have. They will move on May 30th.

Ammon's last day of school will be this Friday. He will need to go to graduation practice next week, but the seniors are done this week. And then, on the 28th, our last kiddo will finish high school. We've been doing the school scene for 40 years. We'll be glad to have an end of that. His last high school choir concert is tomorrow night. We've been doing a lot of "lasts" lately.

Like I said, it's been a busy 10 days or so. It kind of makes the head spin.

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This Has Been The Best 2015 Ever And The Best Is Yet To Come.