Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Years

Happy New Year, everybody!

As most of you know, I don't really believe in making resolutions on New Years. I believe I should try to better myself every day. One day doesn't make it magic. However, this year I decided to write a few resolutions just to say I did it. Here they are:

1. Wake up every morning.,
2.  Get to work in one piece without any accidents.
3.  Figure out how to get rid of nose hairs.
4.  Keep from gaining another 10 pounds.
5.  Stay married.
6.  Celebrate Ammon's high school graduation.
7.  Define fun and then do something fun.
8.  Learn one new thing with my camera. (Like how to turn it on.)
9.  Keep taking pictures.
10. Burn my black slacks. Replace them.
11. Buy a shirt long enough to cover the rubber things on the butt of one of my other black pants.        (I like those pants.)
12. Go a whole month without offending one of my kids (or their spouses).
13. Nah, be myself and don't worry about offending everybody. (It's never done intentionally anyway.)
14. Don't replace my second knee.
15. Don't amputate my first knee.
16. Do something nice for somebody else on one of these 365 days.
17. Don't tell anybody you've done something nice.
18. Don't listen to Christmas music again until November, 2015.
19. Keep my mouth shut at church so I don't get excommunicated.
20. Keep my mouth shut, period.
21. Become a doormat. (Not really, but it might make somebody happy.)
22. Go to the dentist -- at least once in a year. Ask for Valium first.
23. Don't get fired. Just retire.
24. Be more positive than negative.
25. Buy rose-colored glasses.

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chelsey said...

Hahaha! Love the practicality of your list. :)