Friday, December 26, 2014

Jim's Birthday

Christmas late afternoon Adam went outside with kids in tow to build another sled run. Many years ago he built a small one for Henry when he was just a little boy. Mike built one last year and we had enough snow to build another one this year. This run is similar to the one Mike & Adrianne built, banking around the tree. It's too bad it wasn't done while all the kids were here yesterday but it hadn't stopped snowing. Adam spent nearly two hours outside into the dark building this run. Henry and Ella helped. We got another inch or so of snow overnight so they went out again today with sleds and discs and they have had a great time. We have lots of wet clothes, wet gloves, cold toes but lots of laughter. Ella doesn't give up. She goes upside down, backwards and in a little ball.

 Ella tried the big run but it frightened her so Adam made her a little run of her own.

 Henry is a daredevil, too.

 Sam stood at the top and announced, "I'm ready!" with a huge smile on his face. He wasn't afraid of anything.

Now to celebrate Jim's birthday.

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