Sunday, January 18, 2015

Busy Weeks

We have been so busy for so long I can't remember what a long, relaxing day is like. Ammon keeps us really busy and last week was especially crazy. He has been rehearsing to perform with the Lifehouse Dance Academy for their religious fireside which was done last Wednesday night at the Covey Center in Provo. After many weeks of practice, it was finally here. The performance by everyone was amazing! The video segment of Ammon's interview was touching and left many touched and in tears. The message of the fireside was profound and left me with many ideas and thoughts to mull over and inspiration to do better.

On Friday night Ammon went to a birthday party for Chance Lane at Nickelmania in Springville. He had a good time there. This week is going to be just as busy. On Wednesday I have a doctor's appointment and then we go to Ammon's final IEP at Salem High School. I have also started taking a financial/retirement class at BYU which is every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 9:30 for 6 weeks. Friday Jim will have back surgery.

I finally found a few moments to get outside and take a few photos of the winter wonderland up on the mountains east of BYU.

 This is the coolest store front ever!  I love it! Pioneer Book downtown Provo.

 Thanks to gift cards from Chelsey and Brent for Christmas, we were finally able to find a rug we like. We got it last night at Home Fabric in Orem.
 (Just pretend we don't have a green plaid couch and then you can see how well it fits into the room.)
 Pretty, pretty!
We also found a perfect kitchen table and chairs but won't get that for a couple of weeks.

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Jess Clark said...

Looks great. I like the rub addition to the floor. I also enjoy the winter scenes above Provo.