Sunday, December 07, 2014

We're Cooooming....

Hey ya'll. Well, this post is mostly for the Utah folks (sorry everyone else). As you know, we are coming to Utah for Christmas this year. Here are the dates we have planned at the moment:

We will be arriving in Utah on Dec. 20. We are not sure what time. This will depend on when we leave. There is a chance we leave on Friday night, but that has not been settled yet.

We will be staying in Utah until Saturday, Jan. 3rd.

We are looking forward to being there and spending time with anyone and everyone who wants to see us. We don't have many plans settled on yet, in terms of set dates and times, so if you want to schedule something, feel free. Or we can improvise as we go. Either way.

Our kids talk about it a lot these days and we are all excited to see you all.

See you there!



Kaitlin Lanham said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see you guys!!

The Duke said...

We are excited, too! Hope you can be here before the Clark Christmas party with Jack's family the evening of the 20th.
If I forgot to tell any of the Utah kids - I apologize. I haven't heard about food assignments or anything yet.