Monday, December 08, 2014

Update on this weekend

Rather if you have seen it on my facebook or if mom and dad told you, or someone else in family, most of you probably saw that Chad and Kathrynne were in a car accident on Saturday. Every one is okay, including the guy in the other car, but I will tell you what happened.

I asked Chad to talk Kathrynne with him to the store so I could have some uninterrupted time to clean and get ready for the day. He was on his way home from Target and was going down 4800 N (or Foothill Dr) down by the Riverwoods. He got a green light and started across the intersection at University Ave when a guy ran the red light. He basically t-boned our car. His car hit ours right behind the front passengers wheel well. Our axle is bent pretty bad and it was leaking transmission fluid. The other car was worse. The scary part is that if Chad was hit a few feet farther back, it would have hit Kathrynne.

Our car got towed and will be transferred to Martin's Collision today. We have awesome car insurance from State Farm and our rental will be covered by them. What isn't covered (20% of the cost) we will be taking it to the other drivers insurance. Martin's Collision is a certified place by State Farm so we won't have to get an adjuster to go out and look at the car. From there we will find out if it is totaled or not. 

The other driver admitted out loud to Chad, and the officer heard him say this as well, that it was all his fault. Let's just say that this has not been the best weekend. I am just extremely thankful that both Chad and Kathrynne are okay. I am thankful for my friend Emily picked me up and stayed with us and took us home. I will thank my lucky stars every day for the safety the Lord had given our family. 


Jen said...

How scary! Glad you're all okay!

Jess Clark said...

Glad to hear everyone is fine. If the accident was his fault, shouldn't his insurance take the first swing at the bill? Yours shouldn't be touched.

Kaitlin Lanham said...

We are still in the process of doing the investigation. The other driver has Allstate and they are about 6's when it comes to doing claims quickly. State Farm told us to call Allstate and give our side as a testimony so it will go faster. If anything happens and this isn't taken care of within the next week, I think we will go after his insurance. The cop heard the guy so I know that we would win easily.

Michelle said...

Before you accept your car as "fixed" from insurance make sure the place fixing it can certify your alignment can be 100%. If not the place fixing your car has to claim it as totaled and the other insurance has to get you a new car or a check towards a new car since it was their clients fault. Not having 100% alignment will cause problems in the future after you have settled. Also make sure they get you a new car seat and every one gets checked out at the doctor for back and neck issues. Glad they ate ok. Hope everyone continues to feel ok and everything works out with insurance.