Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ammon's Week

Ammon posted some of the things that happened today at Salem Hills High School in his honor. It was one very nice assembly that touched all of us. The school selects someone every year to sponsor for a Make-A-Wish dream. They do a large, week-long fundraiser to help make those dreams come true. Only one student was unable to have her dream fulfilled. She wanted to go to the birthplace of Jane Austen. The student passed away before she was able to go to England. I believe Ammon is the 6th person to be honored. Make-A-Wish would not accept Ammon two years ago so we told the student council members to find someone else but they would not accept a no from us. They persisted - two or three different times until we remembered The Dream Factory that Adrianne had told us about a few years ago. Two of the women that run this local chapter went to school with Adrianne. We contacted them and the rest is history. They are still very involved with this project.

Since Ammon's dream has already been granted and paid for, the money that is raised during this following week will be given back to the Dream Factory to give to another deserving child. We are so happy to be part of this experience and to hopefully help someone else feel the joy we have felt.

The assembly was organized by the student council. They did a whole lot of work to get this to come about. We were totally impressed!

Top photo was the schools jazz band. They were really good. I thought a lot about Adam's band and how much fun it was to follow him around and here their performances.

 This young man is now a missionary in Finland named Steven Goodsell. They were able to get an audio clip of him talking to Ammon and congratulating him on this honor. They were in choir together and Elder Goodsell was always very kind to Ammon. His younger brother is now on the student council.
 Here is the SHHS student council. Most of you know Devin Minson, top left in bright peach/orange shirt. The boy on the bottom right next to Ammon is Kenny VanAusdel and he was the persistent kid that got us to agree to do this.
 This is just a group of boys that are friends with Ammon. The boy on the right next to Ammon packed Ammon up into the football stands last week when they had senior pictures and held him.
During the assembly we all went up on stage at one point and talked a little about Ammon and what we like about him or how he has affected us. Even little Austin took the mike and said, "I love Ammon." It was the cutest thing ever!  Lauren and Abby at first didn't want to say anything but when the mike came around to them, they each told something they liked about Ammon. I was so proud of them.
 Devin and Parry -- two cool guys.
Despite all the things Ammon hasn't been able to do in the past, he sure is making up for it this year as a senior. He's wearing us out! He could barely contain his excitement last night before he went to bed and was just as excited today! I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences that he has been able to have throughout his life. I believe, besides meeting Elder Holland, this topped all of them.
It was really nice to have so many family members come and attend. Thanks!

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Adam Clark said...

Awesome experience! It's so nice to see people embrace Ammon like that. What an awesome thing to experience. Wish we could have been there to share it with you.