Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shapes & Colors

There were so many interesting shapes, lines, texture and colors in Capital Reef that I couldn't quite take it all in. Here are a few more in the canyon or just outside of it.

This top picture was near the top of the hike to the Tanks. Kind of a scary hike for somebody with shaky knees but I made it up and down, only falling down once. Thanks to Jess, he provided a steady shoulder on the way down.
 Jess took this picture of Jim. Proof that he was there!

 Jess had a picture of the names on the wall on his blog - I put this one in so you could see how high up the names are that are carved into the rock. This is called the Pioneer Registry. I don't know if they were at ground level when they carved those names in the 1800s and erosion moved the road bed downward or if by some magic they climbed up there. It is pretty amazing.

 This was my favorite little spot. It is a perfect bowl to climb into.
 I wish I hadn't blown out the background but this rock is dramatically slanted. Love the lines.
 A child's dream playground.

 Jim took this picture. Gnarly tree that is really cool.

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