Sunday, October 12, 2014

Waning Autum

These are the last photos I will take of leaves and the mountains. The reds are fading quickly. It was beautiful but didn't last very long. Today is cold and cloudy. We will still have some nice days later on in the week, but autumn is waning.

 This is as far as I can get into Loafer Canyon. Gates are locked and cabins are private so I can go no further than the gate. Bears are frequently seen in this canyon.
 To the right of the picture above, just around that out cropping of rock and up a little canyon is the largest tree in Utah. One day I'm going to go find it. Schools used to take elementary students up there to see the tree but now that it is closed off for private use only, we can't easily get up there.
 Below is the top of Loafer. From this view it looks doable - but I know better. :) Doesn't this make you want to hike up there and hike through all the woods? It's calling me. One day in the next life.

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Papa Doc said...

Today I hate this program. It deleted one selected picture and I can't get in to edit. Last photo isn't on there. I'm going to change blog sites. Hate this one.