Saturday, October 18, 2014


Thanks to Jess & Jen, we were able to enjoy a 3-day vacation. It was a much-needed break. We met them at Jen's grandfather's ranch east of Bicknell. We spent time riding on 4-wheelers (Ammon and I both for the first time in our lives), hiking, taking lots of pictures and enjoying each other's company. Thank you! We had a such a good time. Make sure and thank Mont for us again!

 When Ammon got back from his 4-wheeling ride he said, "Wow! That was a rush!" He loved it!

 This is the grist mill across the road from the Ellet's ranch. This is the natural picture with no touch-up. The lighting was perfect.

 Brenden learned to drive a 4-wheeler and seemed to love it.
 Spider man.
 We hiked through the Capital Wash at Capital Reef. The kids had a blast climbing in every cavern and hole they could find.

We spent the last day at Fish Lake. Those photos will come later.


Jen said...

We had such a great time. I'm so glad you guys came and that Ammon got to experience the rush of riding the 4-wheeler!

Jess Clark said...

It looks like Brenden was just plastered against the wall. Funny shot.

LanceandNance said...

How fun! Glad y'all could enjoy that time together. Looks like a great place to play.

marcie said...

Chris, I've never seen a more beautiful picture of the mill!! You have a wonderful eye for photography!