Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up

A week ago Kathrynne was given a name and blessing by her daddy. She is a beauty. Kaitlin and Chad had all the family come to a brunch in their backyard before church started at 1:00 p.m. The food was delicious and it was a great occasion.

 Unfortunately for me, I had an accident while helping Ammon down the back stairs to the yard at Kaitlin's apartment. I couldn't maintain the weight on the last two steps and the wheelchair pulled me down and over. I was trying to hang on and save Ammon but in doing so, I flew over and tipped Ammon over as well. I was horrified when I saw him face down on the grass. I couldn't get up and knew I was hurt. Ammon was fine and very calm. He later told somebody that his "face stopped the fall." I was supposed to accompany Chad in church while he sang a solo so I was worried I might not be able to play for him. I couldn't lift my right shoulder. After the pain subsided a little, I was able to play the piano so we stayed through sacrament meeting but left right after that and went to the ER.
I have a separated shoulder. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep in my own bed. Tonight I bottled peaches and shouldn't have done that. I hurt!
 Jason and Michelle came out for Brenden's birthday on Saturday. We kept it a secret and it was funny to see his confused reaction at 11:00 p.m. when Jason went into his room, flipped on the light and said, "Brenden. Get up. It's time for seminary." They spent all of Saturday with Brenden and I believe they all had a good time. Scott also came and he hung out with me most of the day.

On Sunday we attended church with Chelsey's family and participated in Brent's setting apart as the new bishop in their ward. It was a very special day. He will be in our prayers all the time that his health will be good and that his job will treat him well so he can be as effective as he wants to be.

On Monday everybody came down for a BBQ. Since I'm not up to cooking too much, I got the brilliant idea to having S'Mores for dessert. We toasted the marshmallows over the grill. It was the perfect dessert! Jess and Jen shared theirs......icky, gooey.

 Happy birthday to Brenden who is now 17 years old!
 Three generations. Good looking guys... Scott, Brenden, Jason and Santa Claus.
It has been a wonderful summer full of family!  And now it's winding down as we get ready for deep fall, school and a normal routine that won't be nearly as fun as playing.  The summer is officially wrapped up.

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Seth and Natalie said...

Love these family pictures! Most especially the one with Santa Clause in it. I am glad you and Ammon are both ok after your crash, that is pretty scary. And you still played the piano, impressive.