Saturday, August 23, 2014


I don't remember Utah having the kind of weather we have had for the past two weeks. We've had rain, thunder, clouds and cool weather every single day. It starts out quite sunny in the mornings and then the clouds roll in every afternoon. It rained all night last night. It got to about 59 degrees last night. When we woke up this morning there was snow on Loafer and quite a ways down on Timpanogos. The clouds have only revealed a little of Timp today. It is mostly shrouded in clouds. Arrrgggghhh! I like the cool weather, but I really don't want summer to be over.

 Morning clouds almost every day before they clear out for a new batch to roll in.
 This is as green as the mountains at Rock Canyon ever get - even in the spring time. If you look closely, you will see the first autumn leaves.
 Jim and I finally finished the picture project in the front entryway. I really like it. It's fun and different. Jim has matted all the pictures and he's done a great job. Matting is difficult!
 Snow on Loafer about 20 minutes ago.


Jess Clark said...

This has been a very wet August. I've loved it! In fact, I've probably only watered my lawn 3 or 4 times this entire month. This 70 degree stuff is to die for today. Feels like college football is upon us ... because it is as of Thursday!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Your weather sounds like Colorado weather! That is just what happens every summer and it's my favorite. I love it! Also, please send me a picture of a landscape that I can use for my wall! I need a third one and any of these would be great!