Saturday, July 05, 2014

Busy Week

We've been very busy this past week.  Kaitlin, Chad & Kathrynne came to visit us last night. We watched all the fireworks in the entire valley from the church wall. It was peaceful and beautiful. The entire valley was filled with musket-sounds. I imagined that's how Gettysburg must have sounded from afar and it was a sobering thought. I am so grateful for all those who have helped keep this country safe and free.

 Gas or not, it doesn't matter. We now know what this little girl looks like when she smiles.
 Look at that cute little swirl of hair!
 We finally bought drapery for the living room.  The sheers were too long but that's a standard size from IKEA so I cut them to size and re-hemmed them. I used the left overs to make a small valance over the kitchen sink.

 We decided that Emma needed her husband by her side so Jim took a 1"x1" genealogy picture and blew it up. It's very pixalated when seen up close, but it's the only picture he has of his grandfather. We decided to hang it anyway. So now husband and wife are up on the wall. Jim made the mat and showed me how  to do it. (I was totally lost through the whole thing.)
 This is the fabric I bought to make drapes. They will be simple with loops.
 Detail of the sheers.
It's been a busy but good week. We also bought the microwave that will go over the stove. All LDS church members have access to a GE discount so we used that and bought it through GE. We will have to wait a few days before we can pick it up but it's bought!  We're plugging along, trying to get all this done.

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