Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Where is the Summer Going?!

This summer has flown! I don't want school to start again. It's been so fun to have family members here. This morning Lindsey and her family left. Jared left and Brenden came back from Youth Conference. It's been a whirlwind of activity and we've been swept up by all these wonderful little kids.

I am slowly getting photographs of all the grandkids. By summer's end, Lance and Adam's kids are the only ones I will need to have sent to me. I took a few of Gillian's kids last night.

 I hate goodbyes but I was wonderful to see Jared go with his host to enter the MTC and to go forth to serve the Lord. We dropped him off at 12:40 today.

 Just as we were getting into the car to leave I heard the host missionary ask Jared what his name is. Jared said, "Jared." He answered, "Not any more. Not for two years. So what's your real name?" Jared smiled and said, "Elder Clark." And that was the last we heard from him as they walked off.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for taking care of Jared for a couple days and taking him to the MTC and taking pictures of him for us.