Sunday, June 01, 2014


Thanks to Chelsey and Geoffrey for picking Brenden up at the airport late last night. Jim picked him up this morning so he could bring him back for church to meet the kids he will be spending time with at youth conference this week. We're glad he is here.

Chad and Kaitlin came up tonight and we decided to drive down to the lake. Chad was a baseball pitcher in high school and wow can he throw a good skipping rock! Brenden wasn't far behind.

 I love the textures in the two pictures below.

 There was a huge flock of white birds very far away. All of a sudden, they took flight and headed for us. I had put the camera in the car. When I saw them I scrambled to get the camera. They were pelicans. They came so fast! They aren't very clear pictures but they were a long ways away.

 This seagull nearly dive bombed me. He seemed worried that I was near some smaller birds. He continued to circle over and around me until I moved away.

 Two pelicans played touch and go. Fun to watch!
 A sweet old bike I found the other day.

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Kaitlin Lanham said...

Oh my goodness... I look huge in that picture! I am totally ready to have this baby.