Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, 2014.  I honor Laila, my mother and Jim's parents all the time in my heart. I honor the troops that so valiantly strive to keep our country safe. That means a big thanks to Mike and Hans and to their families. It's a sobering day as we wait for Hans to deploy once more. Know this, Hans -- you will be in our daily prayers for your safe return.

This top photo was taken at the cemetery where Laila rests.
 We gathered together today at Brent and Chelsey's for a BBQ and to spend some time together.
Brent is a serious chef when it comes to BBQ, ice cream (and the rootbbeer is coming along).
 It was a nice spread and a great afternoon.
 Baby Kathrynne is coming soon! We are all excited for Kaitlin and Chad.
 A came of catch was going on and I was really surprised to see how well Leah can catch a ball. I was always afraid it would hit me. She looks awesome!
 Sarah riding her new horse who is a monster! He's beautiful.
Thanks for hosting such a yummy lunch, Brent and Chelsey. It was fun to get together, especially when it isn't tied to working at our house!

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Beautiful picture Mom. Thanks for posting. It is nice to have someone remember that Memorial Day is about remembering those that we have lost and that we are missing.