Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The cabinet installer unpacked and set things in place. Nothing is permanently placed yet but he said unpacking everything takes the longest of the entire job. We had to make a few changes to the gas line for the stove so it could be moved back further and made a small change to another power line for the dishwasher. Jim has worked really hard all afternoon and evening so it will all be ready for the final install tomorrow.

 This piece (below) is the desk organizer (lays horizontally between the two large cabinets above). The color is truer than the bottom pictures - they aren't as red as appears.  The desk organizer was damaged on one side so we returned it. He won't be able to permanently install the tall cupboards until this unit is back (in about a week).
 It's a tight fit but it works.
 This unit will be the wall unit above the turntable/corner cupboard above.
There is a really cool spice drawer which will go on the left side of the stove. It's only 9" in width, but it pulls out with these fun little shelves for spices. Can't wait to fill that one. 
I only worked about 3 1/2 hours today and then came home to help out. I finished painting the bookshelf white. It was nasty paint - very difficult to use but it's done. Jim and I are exhausted. His blood sugars a few minutes ago were 57 - it's time to close down for the night.


chelsey said...

I like the cabinets. It's getting close to the finish line now. Hope you see the light!!

Jen said...

I like them too! We're excited for you!