Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ox in the Mire

Although it was Conference weekend and we would have liked to do nothing but sit and listen to the apostles, the ox is in the mire and needs help getting out. The boys all offered to come up and work more on the floor and I jumped at the offer. The cabinets will be delivered tomorrow and and installed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The countertops will come in two weeks - but, the cabinets are here! So everybody worked hard on the living room area. We didn't get it all finished, but it's close.

Taking a lunch break.

 Lance bought this hanging light fixture when he was in high school and we used it over the dining room table. We decided it didn't work with can lights, which we will install but apparently he suggested to Jess and Jen that we hang it over the staircase. Brilliant! Jim and I started on it, but finally Jess and Kevin came to our rescue. It was difficult to install and took precious minutes the guys could have used on the floor. It looks really good and definitely helps reduce the bluish hue on the walls.
 This is always a scary place to be -- ladders and steep stairs scare everybody.
 Kevin cleaning off dirty fingerprints.
 Girl power!! They got it going while the guys were cutting small pieces and filling in the coat closet.
 Even Ammon helped rocking McKay so he would be happy.
 This little girl was so much help hauling screws and pliers and razor blades and brushes! She's brushing Jen's hair while Jen works on the floor.
 We called Jerry and Chance Lance to come over and help us lift the piano on to the new floor but explained that the castors are broken. Jerry suggested we lay the piano on it's back and he'd fix the holes and castors. I left the room because I couldn't stand to watch. It worked! It's upright and movable now.

Day by day it's getting closer. Thank you to all who sacrificed a great weekend to come and help. We're getting there!

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