Friday, October 04, 2013

Need help choosing exterior colors!

We are in the process of selecting colors for some work on the exterior of our home.  We're having our windows, gutters, soffits, and roof replaced.  We know we don't want to select white for the trim.  We'd like to get away from that look, but not sure what color roof shingles to select.
The darker "London Brown" is the color we want the gutters, while the "Tuscan Clay" is the color we'd like the gable, area above the garage, and soffits.  The brick shown in the picture with the colors is an actual brick from our house.  The windows will also be trimmed with the Tuscan Clay color.

So, what color should our roof be?  

This is the link our roofer provided to select a color.  A tad overwhelming...please give input.  We do NOT like the current color of our roof and would prefer something a tad darker to offset the sea of red/brown brick.  It's currently too "matchy-matchy".  


Jen said...

I like the black walnut color in the oakridge shingles collection.

The Duke said...

I hate brown - wish we could tear all ours off. I like the Estate or Quarry gray shingles. I think it would look ok with the brick you have.

Jess Clark said...

I second Jen's vote. We saw it in person in Home Depot today and it looked nice.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I didn't read Jen's comment until just now but I was going to say Oakridge too. I like that one.