Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Just like Chris

I went to a couple of funerals this last week. First there was one for the mother of one of my close friends, Ron Dunn. Carolee Dunn was 89 when she died. I knew her very well since I was in her home almost every day for many years.

The other funeral was a graveside service for two people. These were Ron Dunn's aunt and uncle. They had died the day after Carolee's funeral. They died within five hours of each other. That is really amazing. They wanted no special things in passing, so they had requested that only a graveside service be held. It was as they asked, but word got around and as many people were there at the grave as were at the previous funeral that I attended, perhaps even more non-family people. It was really amazing how loved these people were.

I want to mention something that Ron's sister said in her funeral address about her mother:
She said that if you want to go to the Celestial Kingdom, you do not have to be perfect, just be like Mother!

Wow! Knowing Carolee so well, I was really moved by this. Actually, my first thought was about my own wife. Perhaps eleven kids could give the same message at her funeral. What a tribute!

Dad Clark


Papa Doc said...

Graveside service only - no funeral. You're sweet, Jim.

chelsey said...

I saw their story on KSL news the other day and figured you'd know them well. I've heard you talk of the Dunn family a lot. I guess if it's your time to go, it'd be nice to die within a few hrs of your spouse!