Monday, October 21, 2013

List for Christmas 2013

Here is the Christmas list for this year. We started this conversation via text so I figured we should get it up here. 

Jason & Michelle: Dave & Tana
Adam & Amy: Gillian & Kevin 
Brent & Chelsey: Chad & Kaitlin
Jess & Jen: Ammon
Mike & Adrianne: Jason & Michelle
Lindsey & Hans: Adam & Amy
Lance & Nancy: Brent & Chelsey
Dave & Tana: Jess & Jen
Gillian & Kevin:Adrianne & Mike
Chad & Kaitlin: Lindsey & Hans
Ammon:Lance & Nancy

The first name listed is you then who you have this year. Hope that makes sense.

Happy Holidays everyone (Halloween included)!


LanceandNance said...

Ok Ammon. I want golf and tennis lessons. Sound good? Oh, and you can throw in a gold grill(for my mouth, of course) in there too.

Nancy wants maid services for a year(or forever if you can).

John and Ted will have large self-portraits for their rooms with gold frames.

Gillian Mohlman said...

I want a million dollars.

The Duke said...

Lance, you send me any photo of both both boys and we'll make sure you get gold frames. :)

chelsey said...

Wow ... Lance and Nancy, you nailed my christmas list. Maid service and golf/tennis lessons has been on the list for a while now! Somehow, that maid service keeps getting looked over. I'd love tennis lessons! I got golf lessons for my bday a few yrs ago and loved them! I haven't been golfing for a while though, so I'd need lessons all over again.
As for those gold items; however, you're on your own. :)

Nancy said...

Mom, I want real gold frames... so not sure if that would work. And by self-portrait, I mean a huge painting of each like a royal family would have in a castle.

Chelsey, I have wanted golf and tennis lessons for a long time too! Those are actual desires. Maid services, well... we will be getting them at some point, ha ha. You know, just like for certain jobs.

Nancy said...

This is Lance, btw.

Michelle said...

We need a new roof.
We want many things. Narrowing it down would be hard. Basically we love to go on dates and love gift cards to anywhere, but especially places to eat and places to buy running stuff!!!!!