Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's That Time of Year

It's that time of year again -- flowers are fading and being pulled out of flower beds while folks are beginning to plan for fall and winter weather. Seed pods of every variation appear and I'm fascinated with the flower/plant cycle.  Gillian thinks I'm really weird because I love seed pods. I find them infinitely more interesting than the flower although not as pretty. Just more interesting.

We had enough rain in the month of September that there was actually a little moss on the poppy seed pods. It was cool.

The weather looked like this tonight. There may be snow in the higher elevations by morning. Arrgh!!! I'm not ready for snow. The fall is very subdued this year. Very little color.

I took this in 2011 when we had a spectacular fall. I don't think we'll see much of this but I may be surprised.
I love these little chaotic seed pods!  Farmers hate them but they are so soft and whimsical. Who couldn't love milkweed?

Yeah, I know -- more poppy seed stuff. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I have actually made a card using this one that says, "Flowers may fade but character blossoms." Maybe it's my age.
The sunflowers are starting to dry up. Heads so large they droop to the ground. Soon all leaves will be gone leaving only the seeds. I don't like sun flowers much but I do like this warm vibrant picture.

So fall is here, ready or not.  I love the season but have a sense of dread knowing that cold winter is close behind. I hope more color shows up on the mountains before it's all over.


Jess Clark said...

Love the transition to Fall ... saw snow today on the mountains behind my house. I took the kids up on a short hike to get a better look at it. They were pretty excited.

Papa Doc said...

They were excited?!? You're raising your kids all wrong then. Let them come live with me this winter and shovel my snow. Then they will have a better perspective. :)
There was really snow up there? I'm just hoping there isn't any on my driveway in the morning.