Monday, August 05, 2013

Spurs and Sparkles

Sarah's riding season is finally wrapping up.  It's been a growing year for her.  She's become a pretty good rider this year.  This was her first year competing in the intermediate age group, and I think she was perhaps a bit intimidated.  There were about 45 kids in the intermediate group, so events took a long time to get through.  Here's a few shots of her season.  So proud of her!

Judged events.  Western Pleasure class and Halter.

The Majestic Riders club

Running poles.  She managed to shave 2-3 seconds off each speed event between July and August!

County Fair Grand Entry.

Can't say that I'll miss the LONG, HOT days in the sun for a while!  Here's to next year!  Maybe you guys can come see her ride at one of her shows next year.  She'd love that!


The Duke said...

Wow - you are flying there, girl! You look great!!

Kaitlin Lanham said...

She shaved that much off?! Wow! Go Sarah!