Sunday, June 02, 2013

Baptism Recap

We had a great day yesterday. Leah was baptized in front of family and friends at our stake center in Fruit Heights. We had some drama involved because Leah threw up twice on Friday night. I gave her a blessing, cancelled all family party/get-togethers after the baptism, and then hoped for the best. She woke up on Saturday feeling "perfect" -- (before she got baptized ... guess the repentance worked ... ) -- and asked if she could still get baptized. She was indeed fine all day Saturday but was pretty beat by the end of the day.

Thanks to all my Utah family who attended the baptism, especially given the drive you made and the lack of food/treats afterward. Leah was on cloud  nine all day and loved the attention. We decided that our special musical number during the baptism would be all the Clark/Ellett adults who wanted to sing I am a Child of God in 4-part harmony. We didn't practice and yet it still sounded great.

This was also the last time most of us got to see Adam and Amy. They are moving on Wednesday to California. It would have been fun to have one last soiree with them after the baptism, but the last thing they need is a barfing child for their drive to California.

These pictures were all on FB, but in Mom's interest, here they are again.


Nancy said...

What a special day, Leah looks so beautiful and happy to be baptized!

The Duke said...

She was definitely glowing when we saw her. And we all laughed when you tried to send her to the men's dressing room.:) She is a beautiful young lady and it was pleasure to be there to witness this special day for her. And thank you for posting these. Dad doesn't check his FB account, either and wants to get rid of it so anything any of you post here is our "look" into your lives.
We love you, Leah!

Mike and Adrianne said...
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