Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Jim, Ammon and I did our usual Memorial Day weekend visit to the cemetery last Monday. We only took flowers to Mom's and Mary's graves because we didn't have enough flowers in our yard to take more. While we were there, I took a few pictures of things that were interesting to me. The first picture is of one of the most glorious peonies I've ever seen. There were several in the arrangement and they captured my thoughts and heart.

 I truly regret the fact that my siblings and I didn't think it was important to have our names as Mom's children engraved on the back of her headstone. It makes it feel so alone. Her gravesite was all by itself for many years but two years ago, a little baby girl that only lived one day was placed next to my Mom. It gives me comfort in a strange way. I think Mom might be her friend and might be teaching her. I have no idea if that is true, but I'm glad Mom isn't so alone in this spot.
 I have been to the Spanish Fork cemetery for years and never once noticed several headstones that have this kind of blanket sculpted on it. They are very old but very interesting. I wish I knew the history behind them. Two are side-by-side.
 Someone has been taking flowers to Mom's gravesite since she died. Usually they have just one fake, silk white rose in a little white vase there. This year there was a bouquet. We have no idea who pays such tribute to Mom. I wish I knew who it was. I would like to thank them for their remembered thoughts. They are always there a few days early.
 It is fitting, I guess, that Cody Towse's body came home this week from Afghanistan - so close to Memorial Day. The drive down through town and all the way to the highway outside of Salem is covered with flags. It is a powerful sight that makes me appreciate our servicemen and women (and families, of course) all the more. I wish we could keep the flags there permanently to remind us of the blessing we have to have freedom and live in this country.

My thoughts have been with Mike and Adrianne a lot this past week. Mike has had to leave his family and they had to face another Memorial Day that would have extra meaning to them because of Laila. I love you guys. 
 And then, last night on my way home from work was a beautiful reminder that God has made a promise to us through Noah. It's such a beautiful way to covenant with a mortal being!

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Thanks Mom. Memorial day does have a different meaning for us now, that's for sure. Though, we remember her every day, not just that day...but I'm happy there is a day set aside to think about our loved ones.