Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wedding Part 2

On the day of the wedding, I didn't take very many photos. I didn't want to get in the way of the professional photographer. And I was too busy to take very many. However, there were a few I wanted to post taken yesterday.

 I believe this is one of my favorite photos. These darling little girls were so cute together and looked so beautiful.
 Kaitlin's new family - from left to right, Scott (Jr.), Karen, Chad, Kaitlin, Scott and Morgan Lanham
 Lighting was perfect but it did get windy and quite cool before the pictures were all done.
 This wonderful lady was one of the angels that helped take care of Kaitlin in the temple. If you want personal, wonderful attention, get married in the Provo Temple. They don't have many brides come through and when they do, they hover like little fairies with fairy dust - so eager for this to be the perfect day. This is Sister Harris. She lives in Elk Ridge in 3rd ward and Kevin Clark (Jack's son) is her home teacher.  Clyde Hicken (former Stake President in Spanish Fork) sealed the couple. Bishop (former) Brad Wilkinson was standing outside the door when the ceremony was done. Another of my friends from Spanish Fork 3rd ward, Ann Osborne also assisted us. This is truly what heaven is like. You greet old friends and make new ones and find great joy in the acquaintances.
 I believe Jake is on the other side of very tall Geoffrey. I will be anxious to see the "real" picture of these beautiful grandchildren. Oh, and I think Austin slipped away because I don't see him here.
 Chelsey did her usual magic with the flowers. Kaitlin's sisters are so creative and helpful that we could not have pulled this off without them. Thank you. You are hard workers, you are talented and wonderful.
Connie Reece made the cookies and the cake. She is one of my friends in the ward. She did not disappoint us. Her daughter, Ally, is in the MTC getting ready to go to the Ukraine on her mission. She and her companion came out of the temple just as we started taking photos so I got some of her to give to her mother.

So our last to get married is now married. I don't think I could do this, physically, again. I am exhausted. Through all the work, stress, hives, tears and worries, I have to say there is one overriding emotion today - gratitude for all my children's spouses. I am amazed at how well you have all chosen such phenomenal partners. Keep your marriages strong -- because I sure don't intend to ever do this kind of thing again!

Congratulations to Chad and Kaitlin. Welcome to the family, Chad!


Tana said...

The bridals are amazing. Kaitlin you are gorgeous! Congrats to you and Chad. We look forward to seeing you next month in NY!

Nancy said...

The reception looked beautiful. I love the colors of the flowers and I really like that pic of them in front of the temple with the clouds.