Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There's nothing like Iowa in the early Fall

I thought I'd spruce up Lance's pic of the UI campus.

You wish you were here, don't you?


Nancy said...

I'm getting excited to move there! It will be the perfect time going into fall and maybe John will have a snowy Christmas.

LanceandNance said...

Thanks Jason! When we get there, I'll have to do a more comprehensive tour of the campus and downtown area. You can't do Google Street View very many places around town, so unless you go there, you can't really see how nice it is.

The Duke said...

I loved the campus and the tour Jason took us on. I felt like the campus oozed of money - the buildings were really impressive. I know they were building a new building that we could see from Jason's lab window - that must have been the new one you will be going to, Lance. Exciting times!

Jason said...

Here's a list of a few notable Iowa Alumni (faculty and students):
Kurt Vonnegut
Tom Brokaw
Tennesee Williams
Dwight Clark
Dallas Clark
S. Empatha Parkeson (Law and Order)
Gene Wilder
Terry O'Quinn (Lost)
Brandon Routh (Superman)
James Van Allen (Astrophyicist - Van Allen Radiation Belt)
Dan Gable (Olympic gold medalist,wrestling, 182-1 record from HS through the olympics)
John Matuzak (NFL and Sloth in Goonies)
Al Jarreau
George Gallup
David Sanborn
The Stoops brothers
and many others - I just won't belabor the point or point out the more embarrassing ones (like Tom Arnold).