Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Weekend

This year Easter seemed extra special. Maybe it was because Jim and I attended an Easter Conference held at BYU, sponsored by the Religious Studies Center. Brent Topp, Brad Wilcox and Elder Martin (emeritus Seventy) were the speakers. I believe Bro. Topp's talk was one of the best I've ever heard. I hope they re-print the talks so we can get a copy. I wish all of you had been present. It truly brought the spirit of Easter to the forefront with the true purpose for this celebration. I was deeply affected by this conference and hope to attend it every year I am alive from now on.

Saturday nothing special happened - except the weather! It was so glorious that who could be sad or depressed?! It was fantastic.

On Sunday, we all made the trip up to Jess's where we viewed a very touching, short video of Elder Holland's talk about the crucifixion of Christ and then Jess had add a little more about the mission of Christ healing the sick, blind and lame and appearing to them after His resurrection. Of course, that topic always makes me cry because of Ammon. I so look forward to that resurrection!

On the funny side, Abby had a way of welcoming us when we arrived. She had written the welcome on their driveway. "No Utes allowed." (Some exceptions.) If you don't like BYU, you had better be quiet! It was pretty funny.

 Ammon got to hold cute little George. But George isn't little. He's pretty solid. And he's pretty cute.
We had a great dinner and a fun time being together. We don't get this opportunity very often because we're all so busy. Thanks for the invitation, Jess! We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.


Jess Clark said...

Hey, it was a pleasure to have everyone up for dinner. Thanks to everyone who brought food and participated.

Abby's note was funny. The (some [sic] exeptions) on the driveway is included because some of our dearest friends from our last ward in West Jordan were big Ute fans. In fact, the first group get together we had with friends from our last ward after we moved were with three couples -- all of which were huge Ute fans. So, we've had cross contamination.

LanceandNance said...

Sounds like a great time! I miss the family gatherings.