Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dave, Birthday and Baptism

We have a few things happening this month that are exciting for our family.  First though, Dave is here!  He called us when we were just getting on the freeway to go to Vegas and said he would be in Denver for a few days.  Yesterday we got home and Dave was waiting for us.  He got to spend last night with us and today as well.  He is our good luck charm because instead of fussing Piper has been perfect since we got home from Vegas.  She has slept more today than she has the past nine days!  She was not a fan of our vacation and now that she is home she is happy as can be.

So, the first fun thing this month is that Eli turns five.  We only have parties for 5, 8, 12, and maybe 16 so this is his first friend part.  He's very excited.  He wants a dinosaur party.  So I've only got two weeks to plan and carry out a party for him.  I just filled out his kindergarten registration forms--he goes to school in about four months!  What will I do without my Eli home with me?

Next is Will's baptism.  He was supposed to be baptized yesterday but since Mike is getting deployed we decided to wait until April so we could spend Spring Beak together as a family.  He gets baptized April 27th.  He wants to invite his school teacher and we've invited some neighbors so hopefully we will have some people there to help us support Will on his special day.  I took pictures of him today so he could have an invitation to give to his teacher.


Jess Clark said...

Sounds like good things are happening in your neck of the woods. Dave cures lots of ails, doesn't he? I am going to spend a few days w/ Dave and Tana in Fairfax in a few weeks after I wrap up some work meetings. Maybe my back will stop hurting if I see them.

Man, if you lived like 4 hours away instead of 10, we'd be at Will's baptism! These are fun times; Mike will love baptizing his first child. We baptize Leah on June 1 this year. Will, Leah, Henry, and Jake are all in the same primary class this year (but only Will and Leah are in second grade due to birth dates). It's fun that there are so many the same age.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jess, we totally understand! I think ten hours is too long to drive for a baptism too. I hope you have a great time visiting Dave and Tana and that they are miracle workers for your back! The boys were so sad that he was gone when they got up to go to school. It was a fast, but fun little visit.

The Duke said...

I'm glad you are safely back home, that you had a great time and that Piper is happy once again. And I think it's great that David was able to slip in a little visit. So many fun things to look forward to! Will is starting to look quite grown-up. He is a handsome boy. I wish we could be there for his baptism.

Papa Doc said...

This question is for Will. You better get it right! It is: How did you get to be so handsome?
Grandpa Clark