Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today has been a busy day on the blog! I love it. :)
Ammon went into his classroom this afternoon and saw a huge poster on the wall just for him. He has been asked to the Preference Dance at school by a girl named Hannah. He took seminary with her and she is on the student council.   He has now gone on more high school dances than I ever did in my entire high school years. 

Ammon will need to answer her by the end of the weekend. Does anyone have an idea where I could get a sock monkey without breaking the bank?  If any of you have any other ideas about how to answer her, send them our way because, as you all know, I lack creativity. Suggestions are welcome.

Here's Ryan holding the sign for Ammon since the sign is about 3 times bigger than Ammon. He is very excited! Ryan is going to be their chaffeur. I guess we had better go see if we can find a suit for Ammon since the sleeves on his tan one now go about half way up his arm.


Jess Clark said...

Dang. That kid gets all the ladies!

chelsey said...

Way to go Ammon! That should be really fun! What size suit does Ammon need? Geoff has an old one that doesn't fit him anymore. It's in good condition. Let me know.

The Duke said...

Chelsey, that would be a great idea if it will fit -- He wears a 14 slim pant but probably an 18 jacket. We have to find them where we can buy the pants and jackets as separates. Check Geoff's suit - it might work.

LanceandNance said...

Amster-dude, if she makes a move you strike while it's hot. Don't hesitate bro.