Sunday, March 17, 2013

No Monkey Business

This is how Ammon is going to answer Hannah back to Preference. I was going to roll the poster up and have the monkey hold it (hence ribbon on arms), but the monkey is too small so it didn't work well. So we put them in a little gift bag and he'll take it to the school office tomorrow and ask if they would get it to her.

The girl's last name is Tambasco so we played around with the idea of having the monkey holding a small bottle of Tabasco sauce and saying something like "I'm hot to trot to go to....." Ammon looked a little disgusted with me and said, "Mom, I would not use the word 'hot' to a girl. Not in a million years so we're not doing that." It's his date so we respected that.  :)  This kid keeps us on the straight an narrow and appropriate path.


Michelle said...

Cute way to answer her back. Hope the dance is fun.

Jess Clark said...

Boy what a difference ... Lance instructs him that "if she makes a move you strike while it's hot. Don't hesitate bro," yet Ammon refuses to call a girl hot. I think there's a pretty wide chasm here, dudes. :)