Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aspen Ridge

Today was a mixed bag. I'm not sure what to think about it all. 
First, I shoveled about 8" of fresh snow off the driveway today before church. Will it never end?!?  It's getting way over my head and difficult to toss that high.  I worry constantly about the weight on our roof. I actually pray that it will support the weight every single day.

Finally -- the long awaited day. Jim was moved to Aspen Ridge Rehabilitation Center in Orem. It is a beautiful facility but we'll see how long Jim stays there. He called me right after I got home tonight and said,"This isn't going to work. You need to take me home tomorrow." Easier said than done. What doctor is going to spring him out of the joint? The problem this time is the back pain and lack of pillows to support his back. I'll need to take some tomorrow if he can make it through the night without wringing everybody's necks.
The facility is really beautiful. The rooms are quiet and very large. The people are nice but it's not the hospital where everything is so regimented. Jim is wondering how to keep track of his medication and they didn't seem to care about that. He was pretty worried when he called me. Hopefully he can go to sleep and things will look better tomorrow.

 He's up and walking. He is actually doing quite well with the knee. He can do a couple of things I couldn't do this early so I'm hopeful that once he gets home he will really take off and get past this nasty experience.

His final words for me tonight were, "Keep praying for me, Chris. I'm really going to need them tonight."


Michelle said...

HOpe he feels better really soon. Sorry he's in so much pain with his back.

chelsey said...

That facility looks quite nice! The rooms are definitely larger than the one at the hospital. Glad he's able to get up and move around a bit better now. Now they just have to fix that back of his!