Thursday, November 01, 2012

President and Sister Summerhays

I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but this is one of those "I'm a Mormon" campaign videos. This one is of Bruce Summerhays, the Florida Tampa Mission President. He and his wife actually live in our ward and attend regularly (when they aren't traveling, of course). They are fantastic, humble people and have so much love for the members of the church in Florida and the missionaries that serve them. Check out the video:

In a priesthood meeting in our ward recently, President Summerhays said that the number of missionaries is going to skyrocket by January. It is anticipated that every area in the Florida Tampa Mission will have 2-3 sets of missionaries. I believe he told Lee (my father-in-law) that the church expects somewhere around 200,000 missionaries out very soon. Has anyone heard the numbers? Does that sound right to you?

Anyway, it is crazy to think about the amount of work that the members will have to do to support all the new missionaries. Kinda exciting!

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The Duke said...

That's really nice. His brother and family lived in our LaSierra ward in California. They were very special people.