Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Football Players

I came across this article today entitled "How former BYU football player Andrew Rich walked away from the NFL." Some of us in the family met Andrew at a Thursday's Heroes reunion through the BYU football program. Jen and I really enjoyed meeting and talking to Andrew and loved watching him play safety at BYU. I find that after meeting a lot of the players and coaches through the three experiences I've had with the Thursday's Heroes program (initial honoring of Ammon and then two reunions), I see them in a different light. The program is great for the honorees and the team!

These pictures were from the 2010 reunion. Jen was pregnant with Austin.

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The Duke said...

I agree with your assessment of this man. I was always so impressed with him as a player and as a person. It was nice to personally meet him.
We got Ammon the book "Bronco" for his birthday. I have been reading it and I wish all of you could read it, BYU fans or not. It is remarkable what's going on here and the mindset - it's just about like Andrew's -- football is 5th on the list of importance to Bronco. He likes to win as much as anybody, but he values what's inside a man more than the outside. It's a great read! Andrew Rich is a perfect example of the kind of men Bronco looks for.
We've been lucky to meet many of them. Your article is very interestin and insightful.