Thursday, October 04, 2012

Birthdays Galore

I remember the day Ammon turned 14. He was quite ill at PCMC. Some of the family members brought up some birthday gifts and a chocolate cake for him so we could all celebrate his birthday in the hospital. But the greatest birthday gift of all that day was a phone call from Adam saying that Ammon was a new uncle and that Gracie had been born on Ammon's birthday. Ammon thought that was the neatest gift ever!
So two great kids celebrate their birthdays Oct. 5.

Gracie at the family Halloween party last year.
 Ammon fishing with his friend Lars last spring.
We love you both and hope you have the greatest day ever!!


Lokodi said...

So, is Gracie 3 now? I'm losing track. That's crazy. It feels like she was just born. Happy birthday my doe eyed beauty!

Happy birthday Ammstir! I sure wish I was there to give you a big, wet kiss. Miss you little man. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and the girls treat you right. :)


Jess and Jen said...

Happy birthday to both of you, indeed! -Jess and Jen

Mike and Adrianne said...

Happy birthday to Ammon and Gracie!! How fun to share the same birthday. I hope you both have a great birthday celebration.

chelsey said...

Happy bday you two kids!! Glad you are part of our family!

Nancy said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you both! Wish we could be there to celebrate with y'all.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you both!! Hope it's a great day!

Kaitlin Clark said...

Our family never would be the same with out the two of these wonderful kids. I love you both! Happy Birthday!
(Ammon)Love your favorite sister,
(Grace)Love your favorite Aunt,