Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lacing up for Laila

Today was our 4th Sunday in our new ward. We learned today that in the 6+ years the current bishopric has been in place they've had 35 full time missionaries come and go from this ward. Holy cow. We also learned that at one time, they had 13 Mandarin-speaking missionaries out at one time. Holy super cow. I went to ... Nebraska.

Anyway, on to another topic. Thanks to Jason's idea of hosting a race around Labor Day and donating proceeds to SIDS research, Jen and I actually considered making a quick trip to Iowa City to participate. Well, we quickly learned that it was cost prohibitive to do that so we thought we'd find a local race to participate and donate the entry fee to Jason's race to add to his donation coffers.

Jen suggested running in Payson's Onion Day's 5k. However, there's no "fun-run" for families / kids or those not interested / able in running a 5k. Here are the likely options.

*Friday, August 31: Under the Blue Moon, 5k ($20) and kid's run (free); 7:30pm 5k and 8:30pm kid's run in Eagle Mountain;
*Monday, Sept. 3: Onion Days; 5k, 10k; $20; shirt provided; 7am in Payson;
*Monday, Sept. 3: T-Wolf Trot: 5k ($10), kid's run ($5); shirt $5 extra; 8am in Orem;
*Saturday, Sept. 8: Run in Rhythm: 5k (free!), kids run (free!); 8:30 am UofU;

Our preference is one that has a kids run. There are other options (, but they vary considerably in price and options.

Jen's brother's wife's sister (got it?) designed a shirt for us and we're probably going to use the graphic as an iron-on for t-shirts. The graphic is shown below. If you're interested in a shirt, we can 1) make it and send it to you, 2) send you the iron-on, or 3) send you the digital graphic so you can make / print your own. Our plan is to use white t-shirts as the base and iron-on the graphic in purple. If you have us make the shirt for you, expect to pay $5-6 per shirt.


Gillian Mohlman said...

Send us the Iron on. We want one for me, Mia, and Kevin. We would like the September 8th one, because its the farthest away, therefore, giving me more time to heal so I can at least walk it. We are in.

chelsey said...

My vote would be for the aug 31 race...only because it's an evening one on a friday. I'll do whichever one we all think is best. And I already have white tshirts for you utah folks if you want one from me. Let me know.

The Duke said...

Whether we run or not, I would love to have a t-shirt so Chelsey, if you could get one for me and Ammon, that would be great. We'd like the iron-on stuff. I am still not ready to walk that far at one time. Does anybody else plan to walk it? Or are you all going to run? I'd love for Ammon to go in his manual wheelchair but he would probably have to have somebody run/walk alongside. I'm just trying to figure this out.

Gillian Mohlman said...

I have to do it on a Saturday. Kevin works friday nights. Sorry!

And Mom, I can only walk it

Mike and Adrianne said...

Mom, I think the reason they are looking for a race with a fun-run is that you can walk a shorter distance and not have to do a 5K. I think you could probably even push Ammon in his wheelchair for a fun run.

Michelle said...

Jason is doing a 10K this Saturday August 25th. Alyssa and Brenden are doing a 5K. I am doing a Half marathon and Scott is doing a 1K kids fun run. We will dedicate this to Laila, so if someone could send us the e-mail of the graphic, we will print it off and make shirts or tanks with it for all of us. We also have another race on September 8th where Jason is doing his first half marathon and I'm doing a half marathon with him. Brenden and Alyssa are doing a 5K that day as well, so if we don't get the shirts made by this Friday before we leave, then we will make them for the next race on the 8th.

Michelle said...

when you send the e-mail of the screen print, it needs to be backwards so that when we iron it on it is regular. You probably knew this, but just in case you didn't. Otherwise it won't work.