Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lindsey, where did your long post go that was on here a few days ago?


Lokodi said...

Hans wants me to say "Hans made me realize that to be successful, one has to maintain an appearance of success at all times. And I agree with him". (His words exactly)

Seriously though, it was too long and too much complaining so I took it off.


Gillian Mohlman said...

oh please. haha. thats dumb.

I will answer your questions anyway.

Surgery went well. By some miracle, when they went in, my meniscus was healed and didn't need to be fixed. So either Heavenly Father made that happen or it healed in the two months before I got my surgery on it's own. So, basically, I have arthritis in my knee, so will probably have to get this surgery every couple of years (hopefully not more than 5-10 years) so that I can be comfortable. They cleaned that up, and also took a flap of cartalige out that was catching on a ligament and causing some pain. I can now walk pretty good, but I do have to ice it, take a percocet at night still, and cant kneel on it or go up and down stairs very easily.

Mia is almost 6 months old. Its crazy to think. She refuses to sit up on her own, although she is definitely strong enough. She just leans forward and grabs her feet. She rolls over like crazy, both ways, so we have to swaddle her with one arm out incase she rolls to her tummy at night and can push her self up if she needs to. She wont sleep without being swaddled at night. She just changed into size two diapers, although she could still fit in size one. We just can out of one and had two, so we switched. She is 12 pounds 13 ounces and 25.5 inches long. Tall and skinny baby. She cries pretty much all day long. Although she has alot of happy moments, she is a tough baby and I have really struggled with taking care of her thoughout this surgery- especially since my stupid ward wont help. (theres my complaining plug hans)

Kevin is about to start up school again this week. He is only doing 6 credits. With his job schedule its just too hard to do more. Hopefully he can more to a different shift and become a team lead soon. We will get a bonus from his work in September, and December. Luckily, because we are dirt poor right now. Its hard only having one income of 12.60 an hour. But he works hard and I am grateful for that. He is pretty much feeling all the way better since his hernia surgery. He recovered fast, and has started working out again. His goal was to get at 170 pounds (he was like 165) with 13% body fat. Right now, he is 170 pounds with 15% body fat. Jealous. He hopes to someday be 180 pounds and have some pecks. :) hahaha. He has been biking a couple of times this summer at sundance. His work has passes you can take up there so he goes and takes a friend. He is excited to use the passes to snowboard even though sundance really isnt a great place to snowboard.

We have so many goals right now, a lot that seem so unpractical right now. We would would like to 1-pay off my hair school debt (which we will have done by January! All $3000 of it. This is the only practical one we have) 2- to get a second car. We have made it work with one car so far in our marriage but with a baby I would like to have a car incase of emergencies, but I dont want to have to take him to work and pick him up since he doesnt get off till 11:30, and that wakes Mia up having to go. No Bueno. 3- To move into a bigger place. We looked at mobile homes, I know, I know... we have tried to find apartments bigger that are around the same price we pay and havent found anything. We would love to have more storage and a dishwasher, and a SMIDGEN of counter space since we dont have one. But with our income, we cant. What sucks is that we could buy a house and be paying the same price on a mortgage as we are on rent... and we are kinda ready to move on to better things but its just not practical. We could make it work, but then the fact is that we will probably move away for Kevins job when he is done with school and what if we couldnt sell the house? We would love to buy a duplex but we dont have enough to put down. That would be a good investment though.

Anyway, thats us. Long post. Should have just emailed it to you, but now I guess everyone knows whats up.

Gillian Mohlman said...

hows that for size hans!

Lokodi said...

Thanks for the update. It's nice to know what's going on in your life. Sorry that Mia cries a lot. I know what that's like and it starts to ware you down. Good luck. I hope you can figure out what the deal is.

How much longer does Kevin have for school? Where do you guys want to move to when he's done with school?