Saturday, February 25, 2012

your thoughts?

I have been so bugged by this today. I used to watch dances on this website called Hall of Fame and they have some AMAZING dancers. Well today, I saw on facebook that they were streaming live from some of their competitions, so while I was folding clothes I tuned in to watch. I was NOT impressed. First off, the talent was horrible. Some of those girls got on there and all they did was shake their booty and do tricks. They have NO technique! Another thing I was bothered by was their costumes. Really, parents should be ashamed to see their children in costumes like these: (photos from the hall of fame dance page on facebook)

Just look at how these girls are standing! they are probably only 6 years old, and look like total skanks. So sad. 

I started watching this show "Dance Mom's" a few months ago, and have been addicted. The dancers are really really good for how young they are, but the teacher is SO mean and horrible! I guess the reason I am addicted to the show is because I can see the comparison of that studio versus Lifehouse, where I grew up dancing. Nesha never let us compete because competing brings too much drama and competition between your other dance mates. It also consumes your money and it makes dancers so stuck on themselves. All they want to do is win. Nesha has always been about making sure we are dancing for ourselves and to lift others up as well. I always felt uplifted at the studio and safe. Another thing I love about our studio is that we learned the technique before the tricks. If you watch any dancers from lifehouse you will first see how amazing their technique is. They all work so hard and are such humble amazing girls. Sure, the girls on Dance Mom's are pretty good, and can do really cool tricks, but I think lifehouse is better... Here is an exhert from dance moms. One of the girls, Maddie, dancing Jazz. I can NOT believe her costume, and how her mom is all into her skanky dancing. 

what is your opinion on this? Should girls be allowed to dance like this and look like this at such young ages?! My daughter will NEVER be caught dead on stage in something like that.... or moving like that. never.

Here are 3 girls from lifehouse dancing a trio at a highschool dance night thing. These girls, have technique!

And one last one, from lifehouse, two of them made it up in an hour for a seminary project.

So grateful I danced in a safe, spiritual, and talented studio....


The Duke said...

I am grateful you were in a beautiful environment, too. I completely agree with you about the young girl in the first video. I would NEVER have let any of my girls dress like that or make those suggestive moves. You can be a great dancer without all the garbage. What was the mother thinking???

Lokodi said...

On the one hand, I think a little competition is actually a good thing. It teaching you hard to accept defeat or learn how to be a gracious winner/loser. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when all kids get a trophy for just participating or they all get a gift at someone else's birthday party. Heaven forbid they learn that they don't always have to win. It drives me nuts! So, I think it's good to go compete in dance competitions.

However, This is ridiculous. These mothers are just living vicariously through their girls. They are wishing they looked and moved like their little girls. It's wrong. To allow your girls to dress and dance in that kind of way is absolutely disgusting.

There's my two cents.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Yeah, I don't like those outfits on little girls. It just seems like girls are trying to grow up too quickly--though, I don't think older girls should wear that either.

Jason said...

The whole outfit thing is one of the main reasons we pulled Alyssa out of dance years ago.

Gillian Mohlman said...

Lindsey,I can see where you are coming from. But- the dance competition world is so intense and it's much different than other sports in my opinion. But I do agree that parents don't teach their kids to be a good sport often enough if they loose ya know?

Adrianne, I agree, older girls should not be allowed to wear those things either. Their parents let them wear them when they are young and by the time they get old enough to have a chest or curves they are de-sensitized (sp??) by it and don't see the problem with the outfits. Sad.

Jason, ya, luckily I grew up in a modest studio. Most studios are not modest.