Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Falling Short

Just an excerpt from something I wrote. I have been fascinated with the harmony of opposites lately. I am always amazed how, if we look, we can find exactly what we need and want - often in the opposite of what we most certainly don't want/need. Not sure that makes sense to anyone, but it's something that I am realizing more and more to be true. My greatest strengths often come from the same thing that gives me my greatest weaknesses.

Today I fell short.

But falling short

is hardly short,

when it’s falling

on your knees.



Mike and Adrianne said...

This is a nice poem, Adam. I can't write poetry.

Jason said...

I tried writing a sonnet a couple of year ago and still don't have it complete. Poetry is difficult to write. Yours is good, Adam.

The Duke said...

I got it - and I love it. I hope you always write down what you write because you are so good at it. -- Few words but lots of meaning.
(By the way, it's nice to have you post something!)