Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Late Thanksgiving Post

I realized I never blogged about Thanksgiving. It doesn't matter, but I had a few pictures I wanted to share. Chelsey and Brent hosted a great feast and we're really grateful we were invited. Some pictures are below.

We spent some time at the Ellett's home and Mike and the boys had a great time chasing the 4-wheeler around.

If everyone would just sit still for a second, they wouldn't be so blurry! 

Brent's contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner. Ha ha ha. 

There were some great root beer brews; some not so great. Barq's holds its own. 

I was trying a technique here of showing motion. I panned my camera with Eli's face in an attempt to keep his face in focus while blurring the background. It worked alright but his face isn't quite as sharp as I'd like.

Did you know Henry could levitate? He's a talented kid.

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chelsey said...

thanks for coming out for thanksgiving! It was great to see you then, and we're looking forward to Christmas with you guys again!