Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ammon and the Sacrament

On Sunday morning, Ammon blessed the sacrament for the first time. I went to Sacrament meeting so I could hear him say the blessing. He did a perfect job! Breaking the bread is a little difficult for him because he tends to break the pieces too small. We have gone through several pieces of bread while he practices. He and two other priests broke the bread and one other priest stood nearby to hold the mike for Ammon so we could hear him. They got him a large card with the prayers printed because he can't bend his neck to see the prayers on the table. He did a perfect job reading the prayer. It touched a lot of people in the ward as evidenced by their testimonies during the meeting.

It seems surreal that Ammon is 16, holds the office of Priest and is now blessing the sacrament. It's tender to watch the other priests help him be successful in whatever he tries to do. It was also a bit funny to see just his face above the table. I forget how small he is until something like this happens. It was wonderful to see the joy on his face as he participated in this sacred ordinance. There will never be a question in anyone's mind as to whether he is worthy to bless the sacrament.


Haven Salon said...

Its so weird to me that he is old enough for that. I am sad I missed it, but hopefully I can come see him do it sometime this month if they let him do it again. It's so neat that they have been working with him to accomplish this.


chelsey said...

I think I would've cried like a baby watching that myself! I remember seeing him pass the first time, and being struck by the significance then. I'm glad for your ward to have that experience of watching Ammon bless the sacrament. what a blessing for you all!