Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slow but Sure Recovery

I can now stand to sit up long enough (and have clear enough focus) to get on the laptop for a while so I thought I'd let you know that I am recovering very slowly but surely. I had hoped that I would be a stellar physical therapy patient and that Von Hill (our therapist) would think I was the best patient he had ever had. I don't think he would ever say that and I have lowered my expectations a bit, but nonetheless, I am making progress. I have a certain routine to my very (!) boring days. I can now shower and dress myself, do my own hair and make-up and get ready for the day. The only thing I can't do for myself yet is to put on a warm fuzzy sock on my left foot. I can get the right foot but not the left one. Once I am dressed (only in pjs still) and when Jim is finished with Ammon, then I lay down on the couch and Jim helps strap my left into a CPM machine which bends my knee and then straightens it out. The goal is for me to reach 120-130 degree bend in the knee. Today I got to 86 degrees. Still a ways to go! I stay in that machine for about an hour and a half and then, when that is done, I put a pad on the knee that has ice water circulating through it and leave that on for about 30-45 minutes. When things are a bit loosened up, I do my physical therapy exercises or with the PT who comes to our house very other day. A home health nurse comes in every other day as well to check on my vital signs and to make sure there are no clots and no pneumonia.

The PT has a goal for me to get rid of the walker by the end of this week. He is teaching me how to slide it in one slow, equal movement rather than a jerky movement where I stop and start while I shift my weight or hobble. I need to put more equal weight on both legs. I'm getting it! I will be so glad to get rid of the walker because it really hurts my shoulders and hands to put extra weight on them. Hopefully by next week I will be going down to Peak Physical Therapy to begin working out there. I know they will work me on a recumbant bike and the pool besides other things.

In between the above things, I basically sit or wander around the house. I am bored out of my mind. I hope to be able to be a little more help in the kitchen as the week goes on. Jim brings me the clean laundry and I fold that and I even ironed Ammon's Sunday shirt this morning. Every little task I can do indicates more and more that I am, indeed, recovering.

I actually get on the machines three times a day to help loosen up that knee. I watch a lot of TV while I'm on those machines. How many times can you watch a cheesy Christmas movie and how many football games can you watch in one week? Good grief!! I've got to come up with some different, more things to do during the day.

Kaitlin has been great help this weekend. She fixed dinner today after church, she helped with Ammon and cleaned my kitchen yesterday. It has been nice to have her here and to give Jim a little break.

Jim has done the laundry, fixed me meals, helped me get into and out of machines and has taken care of Ammon for the past 10 days. It hasn't been easy on his hands or back, but he is doing it without complaint.

I'm really glad that Chelsey had Thanksgiving dinner at her house. I didn't worry about a thing and I was glad that so many of you were able to be together.

Just wanted to let all of you know that I am grateful for all of you..... and I'm really grateful for knees, too. I am going to write an ode to my knees.... maybe I'll share it with you! :)


GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Knees are very valuable!!! I have had 2 knee surgeries, but not a total knee (although my doctor thinks it is coming). Praying for a speedy recovery!

Mike and Adrianne said...

It's good that you are making progress. We'll keep praying for you. I think if I were laid up like you are, I'd read. I guess that's because that's what I do anyway. You should find a good book by a liberal mormon and then you could irritate Jim with all the crazy ideas in it. Or, maybe you'd get irritated yourself and throw the book across the room. Then, when you get bored again, you'd have to get up and go get it.


The Duke said...

Mike - what a great idea -- only I think it might be more fun to read a liberal political book and give grief to Jim.... :)
I haven't been able to focus my eyes long enough to read more than a couple of pages at a time until today or else I would have read a bunch of books. So funny!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Mom, I sent an email to dad for you to read...did you get it? I thought that might keep you busy. But, I don't know if it is an accurate view of life, but through my eyes as a kid I guess.

The Duke said...

Adrianne, he printed off quite a few pages because it hurts too much to sit on the computer chair yet due to the bruising. I didn't think to look on the e-mail on the laptop so I'll read it tomorrow.

Seth and Natalie said...

So good to know you're recovering. My feelings about physical therapy aren't fit to write about. But it's all for your own good, so I hope it isn't too painful and you can get better quickly. You are such a Teichert, there is no laying around and doing nothing in your family :)