Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I didn't comment on the last post and meant to. So, I hope your "surprise" dinner was good. We love you Amy!

Besides that, I just have random things to write. Hope you don't get bored.

1. We had a Halloween party here and Isaac and Will have asked to be zombies. Isaac wants to be a heartless zombie and Will wants to be part mummy, part zombie. When I got Isaac ready for the party, I painted his face and in trying to figure out what I should do to make him look zombie-like, the horrible thought that came to my mind was, "What did Laila look like the day she died?" Horrible. Not a thought I would ever imagine having before and something felt very wrong about painting Isaac's face like his sisters. I almost made him be something else. Just as a side note, things have been hard this week for me. I am doing better today. When you guys call and ask how things are doing I generally say, "Fine." That's how things are and I'm not sure how much you really want to hear. So, if you want more than fine, just tell me. Otherwise, that's probably what you will hear.

2. I have parent teacher conferences this week and last week. Isaac is doing great and I think Will is too. They are both being challenged a lot this year. Isaac's teacher said he doesn't ever offer information. She has to pull answers out of him. But, he always knows the answer and always works hard. I told her he's used to a brother that always has the answer and always wants to give it and he would just rather let someone that wants to give the answer do so. I personally don't see any problem with Isaac just doing his own thing.

3. I got a new calling--cub scouts. It's a very specific assignment and I'm kind of confused about what I'm expected to do so hopefully I'll figure it out. I'm happy with the assignment they want me to but it's all the other stuff I'm worried about. They want me to basically put together kits for the den leaders to use each week.

4. Yesterday the high was 79 and tomorrow the high is 29. I'm reminded of Oklahoma. Tomorrow we get snow again--our fourth snow (twice in the mountains and twice on the ground).

5. I realize that painting the bathroom down here yellow was a mistake. It smells and I've scrubbed the toilet and the floor around the toilet. I'm worried it's on the walls and I can't tell. Gross, I know. My boys have to sit when they go or they get in trouble but I think someone is breaking the rules--someone ought to teach them how to aim...I'll stop with the potty talk.

6. Hope you all are happy--Katy, you need to call me and tell me about your man. Or, I guess I could call you....


chelsey said...

You're funny Adrianne. Note to self: I shouldn't paint the bathroom walls yellow. I also have boys.

And yes, Katy needs to fill us all in on this boy...

Have fun with Cub Scouts. That was a difficult calling for me, though I didn't have someone putting together things to do either! You'll probably love it since you're already so good at doing things with your own boys! It won't be long before Will will be in Cubs, too.

The Duke said...

Funny statement about the color of the bathroom! I laughed out loud. You have a point there.
We were supposed to get rain today and it is supposed to get to below freezing tomorrow but partly sunny. No rain has come our way yet. I'm happy as long as it stays away. We only had snow that one day. I wish it would rain all winter without snow. That would make me happy.