Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abby's Baptism

Abby Elizabeth Clark was baptized last Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011. She looked happy before the baptism and happy afterwards. We were all excited to attend the baptism. Abby is a beautiful young girl and we are all proud of her decision to be baptized. I was honored that she asked me to speak about the Holy Ghost and be part of the program. Thank you, Abby!

Jess and Jen, you will look back on these pictures one day and say, "Wow, I sure do look young in these pictures." (You are.)

Thank you very much for inviting us to participate in the wonderful event! We love Abby.


Nancy said...

What a special day! Abby looks gorgeous!!

Haven Salon said...

I am SO sad I had to miss the baptism. :( You looked gorgeous Abby!

chelsey said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful day! Glad we were able to come and support you!

Dave and Tana said...

What a special day for you! We are so happy you made the decision to get baptized. You looked so pretty.