Wednesday, June 15, 2011

See ya'll later!

Just letting you know we are heading out tomorrow evening, so you all better stay safe and healthy while we're gone.  Just keep a low profile.  I always worry that while we're gone somewhere, something bad will happen to someone in the family.  I know that's really morbid, but I suppose that's just the way my brain works.  So, I'm just telling you know, stay safe and have a great weekend.

We'll be heading to Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hugary, and Timisoara, Romania.  I'm so excited to see where Hans was born.  We will be visiting the farm he grew up on and the little towns surrounding it.  We're even going to make time to see Dracula's castle, which isn't far from where Hans grew up.  We'll post pictures when we get back.  We're leaving the kids with some friends, so I'm just hoping they'll be good and our friends will still like us when we get back. :)

Talk to you all later.  Remember, stay safe.  Love you all.



The Duke said...

I did not know you are going on another trip! You lucky girl. Don't let Hans bite your throat....
Have a great time. We'll try to stay safe.

Lokodi said...

Why? That's the funnest part of not having the kids with us...being able to bite necks and stuff. :)


chelsey said...

Have a great trip! What a fun bunch of places to visit too!