Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coming to Utah

It looks like we will be coming to Utah next week. We could potentially come the week after but the Clarks in Salem have so graciously agreed to let us stay at their house while they are out of town next week. We plan on going to the mountains to let the boys do a hike or play in the lake or just roast marshmallows. We would also like to go to Salt Lake and probably will take the boys to the dinosaur think at Thanksgiving Point. Has anyone done that and how much does it cost? We will probably also go to Temple Square and meet up with a friend in Salt Lake. That following Sunday we would like to bless the baby if that works for everyone. I think Jess mentioned Kevin is blessing his baby some time this month. I hope it's not the same Sunday but if it is we can maybe come the following week or work something else out. We also want to have a family birthday party for Isaac. This will be his first birthday party and since we don't know anyone here yet we thought it would be nice to have with with cousins. He originally wanted a superhero party but since Henry is the only boy cousin there, I thought maybe a water party would work (water relays, water balloon fight, slip-n-slide) and we'd love to have the adults participate too--so bring your water clothes. And, if there is any we can get a family picture with the baby included from one of you awesome photographers (Dad, Mom, Adam, Jess, Gillian...we could take our pick!) we would love that. That's our plan. Oh, I just thought....is Dave coming the following week? Maybe we will have to do that week instead....give me feedback. What do you all think?


Dave and Tana said...

I am coming to Utah June 30- July 5.
It would be awesome if we could catch eachother somehow! But I understand if you can't. And I can't be too selfish cause I have seen you guys more than most in the family.

Mike and Adrianne said...

We have to be back here by July 4th. Mike will see what dates he can make it and we will let you know.

Jess and Jen said...

Adam and Amy are blessing Samuel on the 26th, so it would be cool if you did it the same day. I don't know when Kevin is doing his but if there's a conflict, Jen will attend Kevin's ward and I'll come to Elk Ridge.

I am attending Youth Conference next Thursday - Saturday at Bear Lake, but Jen and the kids will be around.

I would love to try a family portrait if you want. I did ours last year, but have never tried it for someone else. -Jess

Mike and Adrianne said...

Adam called and asked if we could do it the same day and I think that's a great idea--I wasn't sure what day they were thinking. My only conflict with coming the next week is that the Clarks will be back on the 24th and I just don't want them to feel they have to host us. If we come next week they will be gone the majority of the week so we won't bother them.

We'd love for you to take our picture. Thanks Jess!

Haven Salon said...

ooo YAY! cant wait for you to come out. we can play and craft lots. i will take pics of the baby if you want! jess can do portraits of the fam but I call the baby pics. :) call me and lets plan a lunch date!