Friday, May 27, 2011

Rising Water

Yup - this lake is pretty darn full. This is Lincoln Beach north of Benjamin. A new storm is moving in.

After the huge floods that Jason and Michelle experienced in Iowa City a couple of years ago, this will seem tame to them. However, this is just the beginning for us. You can see that snow is still quite a ways down the mountains. It is supposed to rain for the next three days with more snow in the mountains. In the middle of next week it's supposed to get to 80 degrees. That could spell huge trouble for the entire state of Utah.

The photo below is not Utah Lake. It's called Wride's Pond and a little flooding of these fields happens every spring. It is a few miles south of the lake. This is simply from high ground water. These are just fields that have become a mini-lake.

We found a road that follows the Spanish Fork River right to Utah Lake. The photo below is where the chocolatey brown debris and water from the river dumps into the lake. The wind was blowing quite hard and the waves were extremely high. Utah Lake is very dangerous because of the waves that are often on the lake.

It sounded like an ocean. I have never heard a river and lake that was so noisy as this one was. There's a lot of snow that has to melt and it's very high in water content. It will be interesting to see what happens.

On a different note -- tonight Jim, Ammon and I went on a group date. We went out to dinner and on our way home through Spanish Fork, we saw lots of flashing lights in the lane going the opposite direction. Spanish Fork High School had just won the state baseball championship and the girls softball championship. Both teams were standing on top of the huge fire trucks. Sirens were going on every single fire truck. The ambulance was following with siren and lights going, school buses were honking their horns and everybody was lining the street to cheer for these two teams. It was awesome! I don't know what the final national ranking will be of Spanish Fork, but the baseball team was ranked 3rd in the nation at the beginning of the season. It was fun to roll the window down and cheer for them as they passed by.

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Jess and Jen said...

Those are some brave folks camping at the lake's edge like that. I say that not because of rising levels, but due to strong winds and the obvious oncoming storm. It just doesn't look like fun. I thought the only people who camped in weather like that were Scouts.

I watched the news last night here in Bicknell and saw the highlights of the baseball and softball teams. That's pretty cool! -Jess