Thursday, May 26, 2011


It is the beginning of a new era in our home. Yesterday was Caleb's last day of High School. Graduation is tonight. I am not sure if he has spent much time thinking about the coming year and all the changes that will be occurring. He has one more year to spend at home before he goes on his mission and that will be filled with long work weeks and not as much play as he thinks.

He really is an amazing young man who is making good choices. He is a leader who has every teacher I talk to singing his praises. I actually got a phone call from one of the Home Ec teachers the other day. We are having a budget crisis and the school board was threatening to cut positions and programs (particularly in the arts). Caleb got up in front of the school board at one of their meetings when this was being debated a couple of weeks ago and spoke out against the cuts. The teacher that called me was there and said that he spoke with incredible poise and intelligence and that Michelle and I should be proud that he is our son. The cuts will not be made by the way. I also had one of the Assistant Principals approach me at the gym a few months back and told me who she had observed Caleb interacting with a young man with special needs. She said that he took time to help this young man and befriend him when others had walked away and that she was impressed with the care and attention Caleb gave this student who was in need of those very things by his peers.

Every year the band program and the choral program give out director's awards. They are kind of like the Academy Award of the music programs. Caleb was selected to win the Director's award in both Band and Choir unbeknownst to either Department Chair. After last night's concert, Michelle went up and spoke to the Choir director and asked him if he knew that Caleb had won the Director's award in Band the night before. He responded that he didn't know that but that he wasn't surprised and even if he had known it, his choice wouldn't have changed. We are so proud of him.

I often watched my children as toddlers and wondered who they would turn out to be knowing that I had a large part to play but that it would really come down to them and the choices they made. I still worry about it but I know that Caleb is on the right track.


Lokodi said...

That's so awesome. Congrats to Caleb. It sounds like you have good reason to be extremely proud of him. Sure wish I was closer to really get to know him better.


LanceandNance said...

Congratulations on graduating to Caleb! What an outstanding young man!


GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

Congrats Caleb and Congrats Mom and Dad. It sounds like you have raised an amazing son. I'm sure he will serve an honorable mission. I bet your are so proud.

BTW If you have any advice for those of us still in those early stages.... Please share. :)

The Duke said...

This makes me cry with happiness. You are now seeing the fruits of years of encouragement, prodding,trials, tears, worry and endless hours of prayer in behalf of a great son. Isn't is a wonderful thing to realize that Caleb did listen and learn even if you thought sometimes he didn't? And aren't you glad there are other people involved in their lives besides us? Those other people can sometimes reach our kids when we can't and I'm always grateful for their influence.
I'm so proud of Caleb. I loved what the school paper wrote about him. I wish we were nearer so that we could have heard him sing or perform in band. We've missed all of his life and that makes me sad.
Congratulations to him - and to you, Mom and Dad, for raising such an outstanding young man.
We love you all.

chelsey said...

Congratulations for being the great influential parents you are! And congratulations to Caleb for all his accomplishments! There are great things in store for you!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jason, I've always been impressed with Caleb. I am not sure you will ever stop worrying about your kids but you should know that he is a great kid and that is partly because of you and Michelle. Congratulations to Caleb!

The Duke said...

I want you all to know that this is my oldest grandson. There are twenty three behind him that have a great man to look up to. Thank you kay for doing so well.

Thanks to Jason and Michelle, too, for the hard work, worry, and love that have been part of Kay's life.

I have a great oldest son, too. I love you all.

Dad Clark