Friday, July 04, 2008

Pres. Kimball and Dad

I feel compelled to try to get you family members to take up a strong habit if you already have not done so. Let me quote a paragraph from the Teachings of Presidents of the Church, Spencer W. Kimball:

Elder Richard Scott tells the following story about a visit of Elder Kimball back when Elder Scott was a mission President: "At a missionary zone meeting on one occasion he [Elder Kimball] said 'Richard, you used a scripture from the Book of Mormon today that I had never thought of using in that way.' That was the careful preparation for a very significant lesson he wanted me to learn. He then added, 'And to think that I have read that book more that seventy-six times.' "

I did not know this about Elder Kimball until I taught this lesson in Priesthood Meeting last year. However, I remember Pres. Benson often speaking of the Book of Mormon when we lived in Carmichael, California. He thought everyone should read it every day.

I did read the scriptures most every day at that point in my life, and had done so for years, but not with much zeal. But I remember when Adam went on his mission, during our trip out to Utah from Indiana (that was a few years ago, I think it was 1993), I felt compelled by the spirit to begin reading the Book of Mormon every day. Since that time, I have missed may be three or four days without reading the Book of Mormon. I will not get to seventy-six times, but I have read it about one and a half times per year since 1993. It has blessed my life immensely! I am so fixed on it that I cannot go to bed at night no matter what time it is without reading it. I learn new things each reading. I have some wonderful discussions with Brother Linford, who is an institute director. I read the other scriptures, too, mostly as supplement to the Book of Mormon or when a subject comes up in classes or discussions.

I tell you all this because I feel compelled to pass on this habit to the rest of you. Several of you should make President Kimball's seventy-six times from where you are in life. I guarantee that you will find this to be one of the most important things in your life. I hope if you delay implementation that you get a ping of the Spirit reminding you to do it so often that you cannot ignore it. I did this for several years while working, so work and being busy is no excuse.

So get a book to read and carry with you if that is what you need to do. Get some marking pencils. Color the book up and make your own references. Over time you will have something more valuable than even the present indexes. It will be your book, you will own it, and it is sure hard to read such a book daily without practicing its principles, too.

Could a father have any greater desire that what I have expressed above?

Dad Clark


Jess and Jen said...

Between your example, my mission president, and urging from my wife, I've got a similar habit going. I think I can count on one hand the # of days I've missed reading from the scriptures in the last 6 years. My Book of Mormon has been to Maui twice, camping, all my business trips, and even my three day hiking trip down Spring Canyon in Capitol Reef NP a few years ago. I've had some good examples!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Dad, you have been the best example I've ever had of reading the scriptures. I've always appreciated that example.

chelsey said...

Some of the most interesting advice about scripture reading I've ever gotten was from the General Primary Pres. I got to attend a question and answer meeting with them on temple square soon after I was called as the Primary Pres. It was there I was told I should try to have a separate BofM to read just for my calling. When I read it, I was to look for things in my reading that would help me magnify my calling. I found that advice immensely helpful! It's amazing what jumps out at you when you are reading for a specific purpose. Funny how things that never seemed to apply now have a new meaning-- which helps me in my callings, whatever that calling may be.

Lokodi said...

One good thing about the depoyment lifestyle is its allowed me to finish the b of m for the first time. That has given me huge momentum to finish all the scriptures. Currently on n.t. thessalonians. Its helped me share the gospel and in preparation of talks because the consistent reading has kept the gospel constantly on my mind. next week I'm speaking at church and have invited several people from work (I really think they will go) most of them are used to the gospel services that are alot louder than ours. One of them is my boss who is sorta friends with Blake Bowen so I hope he shows up.


Lokodi said...

I mean i hope my boss shows up, Blake is always there. and my boss doesnt go to gospel, he goes to protestant. The 3 others are that I've invited are black and go to gospel and one to catholic. She is married to an inactive mormon. its complicated but its fun to share the gospel cause its all new to my coworkers.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Good for you, Hans! I heard that you would be speaking in church next week. I hope these people will come and listen because I'm sure you have studied and listened to the spirit enough to fill their hearts with the spirit as well. You have read a lot faster than I have!